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From the Earth

I would like to take the opportunity to explain to those of you whom are unaware of the process for making a piece of Pottery.

The steps for making pottery are as such... and believe me when I say it is a very time consuming labour of love!

Since the beginning potters have prospected raw earth and used it to create priceless vessels that have withstood the test of time.   Each step in the overall pottery process is an art in itself. 

First step is wedging the clay, similar to kneading Pie Crust. 

Shaping the clay by throwing on the wheel, hand building, slab rolling, etc. 

Bisque firing (this is the first of two fires) then Glaze the piece(s) 

Final – Glaze firing The glazing process and firing techniques affect the finished piece as much as the throwing process.     

The glazes and their reactions to the clay body, other glazes, heat reductions and chemical reactions taking place inside the kiln, are what you see on a finished piece of pottery.     

Ceramics: Anything that is made with clay,   That includes: Bricks, bathroom fixtures, electric insulators, sculptures, tiles, dishes and vessels.   

What do these have in common?   They are all chemically resistant and can withstand a wide range of temperatures from very cold to very hot..    
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